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Working in the US, with non US qualifications

I am a UK citizen and my heart is in the UK, I want to study at med school there and work there, and end up there!

But I'd like to do a stint in the US and a few other countries first, I read somwhere that a British medical degree entitles one to work in any country, except the US, and that one has to do conversion exams or something, at a very hefty price in order to be able to work in the US.

What about getting an internship in the US?

Does anybody have any knowledge about this or further information they could direct me to?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry to tell you that you can’t do the internship here in the USA the problem with foreign degrees are not accepted in the us I live in the us I took me nursing in one of the foreign countries it wasn’t that easy but I met many foreign doctors like you said it takes an arm and a leg to go back to school for more study because I’ve seen them working as phlebotomist and any thing to relate to medicine but couldn’t go to school because it’s so expensive. You are better off in the UK working here in the state in the medical field is the worst thing to do if only I know something else I would quit my nursing job and do something better but I’ve done it for about 20 yrs. But good luck with whatever you plan for.
As a visiting physician you can do fellowships in the US, and pursue advanced training-that's fine and you don't have to the whole FMG routine as far as board cert. and residency. But, if you want to practice in the US as an FMG you will have to take the USMLE steps, and repeat your residency in the US to be licensed to practice medicine. Internships are tough, you would have to go through the match system, and many FMG's are not matched on the first try, plus; you would still have to do USMLE steps, the best for you would be a fellowship as you don't plan to stay in the US--go to for more info.
Thanks, for both of your comments!

Thats really helpful, I'll def check it out,